Diamond DJ - 10 years of waiting (2019)

Performance and installation

Presented in S/ASH gallery in Rotterdam, February 2019

In this performance, Zoe revisited an old performance character ‘The Diamond DJ’ for one final time. The performance culminated in the performative death of the character. The diamond DJ is a diamond, she is a DJ, she waited for 10 years and finally on this night of love and destruction she was resurrected. Her resurrection however was a disaster. The dust accumulated both inside and out resulted in her final song.

The internet of identities (2018)

Interactive performance

Presented at the Offline Internet Market in Tivolli Utrecht in November 2018

This interactive performance allowed the public to upgrade their identities from standard to smart and thus become a part of the internet of identities. Using sensors (in this case the 5 human senses: smell, taste, touch, hear and see) individuals ‘upload’ information to the cloud (the performer) and based on this data, information is relayed back to the public on how to improve, monitor or modify their identities. As a physical mark of this process the public was given ‘smart identity’ sticker to wear, allowing other smart identities to communicate with one another through verbal dialogue and thus learn from one another.

Alkaloid portrait project (2018/2019)

Video, photo, collage and 3D objects

A project done in collaboration and commission with Hague based band 'Alkaloid'. Portraits and videos of the three band members, Tom Besuyen, Rob Kanters and David van Gils, were shot by Zoe Reddy. These portraits were then manipulated using a variety of analogue and digital tools to create a series of two and three dimensional portraits. The goal of these portraits was to reflect the multi-layered quality of the band's sound and their mix of electronic and acoustic instruments, within the context of a portrait. Along side these portraits a video trailer was made for the band featuring Tom Besuyen and Rob Kanters.

Video Fingerprints (2018)

Video installation

This installation consists of 6 handmade flags made from three different materials and featuring a digital drawing; 1 printed mirror with an image of the artist's fingerpring and 2 video loops of video collages (video content made by students of Flex college). This project, comissioned by Flex College, uses the concept of the fingerprint as an anonymous selfportrait. The featured video collages, made by students, are part of an ongoing project and will be be added to over the coming years by new groups of students that follow a 5 week workshop program taught by Zoe Reddy.

Beeldtaal Talkshow - The visual language talkshow (2017/2018)

Interactive video installation

This installation consists of diverse materials made to replicate a basic talkshow set,. Further it includes interactive elements (movement sensor rotating drawing, conductive materials sound trigger) and a 10 minute video loop.

This project, commissioned by Prinsenkwartier Delft, explores the development of visual language through new mediums and tools. The viewer is asked a series of questions through a video and their responses are recorded either digitally (sound recordings) or through writtern responses. This is part of an ongoing research into the development of visual language and has been installed several times in 2017 and 2018.

THAT’S RADICAL MAN: an ode to the radical (2017)

Video loop 4 minutes

In this video the etymology of the word radical is explored through a series of visual and audible experiments carried out and documented by the artist. Where does this word come from and how has it been translated through time? What is the impact of new communicative tools to the meaning of a word and its use? What does the speed of digital culture do to the way a word is written, spoken and heard?

The Epic Soundwall (2016)

Video (4 minutes) and installation

This video was made in collaboration with Rewire festival and De Besturing, Den Haag and features an installation made in a series of workshops in the beginning of 2016. In these workshops, developed and taught by Zoe Reddy, students built interactive sound boxes that used conductive materials to trigger sounds played through small electronic sound samplers attatched behind the boxes. This collection of boxes was installed as a wall and used as a backdrop for the video (filmed by Joel van Dooren and Gemma Barendse).

Studio Vs Lab (2015)

Video 8 minutes

In this video the viewer undertakes a journey through the past, present and future of the artist studio. From the cave to the digital space. As an ironic anthropologist Zoe Reddy explores the essential elements of a contemporary studio, establishes a direct relationship between the studio and art and proclaims that the internet is the new studio: it's not I think that I am (Descartes), but I'm online therefore I am forever...